What to be thankful for during Thanksgiving?

Well that’s a particularly easy topic for me to address this year:

  • A stellar, supportive family who’s always there for me (love);
  • An abundance of solid, dependable friendships (more love);
  • Good health and opportunity;

…..and something I’ve delayed FAR too long to acknowledge in a real, substantial way. I’ve been waiting because I’ve been trying to put together a little something to relay my feelings from afar a little better than just a shout out, text, or phone call. So I put together a little video.

It’s not cinematic genius, nor is it even decently thought out. My apologies – scripting, video and sound production, and editing just isn’t my forte. But it’s heartfelt and real.

I elaborate a bit more about this elsewhere in the Background to IanDoingThanks post. I wanted to keep this post focused on the message.

This is a tiny little something, and it’s a long way overdue thanks to way too many excuses that don’t matter, but it’s something. You kids rule.

Thank you.

A million times, thank you. Much love….

Mom, Dad, Sara, Andy, and my extended family

Livy and Scott Brier

Kirk Lindblom

Julia and Tony Phillips & fam

Kelly Hepburn

Asa Nimityongskul

Amy Forster

Julian Esparza

Amber Schonhoft

JT Schonhoft

Jahni Ittel

Lissa Schonhoft

Fransisco Oseguera

Jesse Holman

Eli O’Connell

Jonathan and Andi White

Roman Ridder

Jackie Kehr

Katie Scheper

Anonymous Donors

the works IT’s customers – who allow me a life of free range adventure as well as the pleasure to serve you and your businesses.

And all you beautiful souls whose couches I’ve surfed, and who shared their smiles, stories, homes, food, drinks, life, and love.

I doubt I’ll be able to repay you, but I’ll try.

And hey, I’m in PDX now, hit me up ❤️✌???

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