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Start investing today with only $5!


  • You don’t need hundreds of dollars to invest – get more involved with your savings, even if you can only set aside $5/month
  • Inflation alone is robbing you of over $15/year for every $1000 in your savings account
  • The Stash app is a great way to diversify your investing strategy and even get a jump on some exciting industries like cannabis and blockchain tech
  • I’ve even convinced my mother to invest in the weed industry with Stash šŸ™‚

Investing, Simplified

So I’ve had a Roth IRA for well over a decade now and it’s been nice watching it slowly grow over the years while feeling relatively safe about its risk level. But for a while now, I’ve really wanted to be a lot more involved in and intentional about where I’m investing my money and diversify into some more aggressive markets while I’m young.

In parallel to that, I’d really been jonesing to capitalize on the weed industry as more and more states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana sales and consumption.

It didn’t take long to find the perfect single solution to both of those desires in an app called Stash.

A Little Stash For Everyone

Stash is a great app for beginners and experts alike, available on both the iPhone and Android platforms. You can invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), bonds, and individual companies with as little as $5 at a time since you’re buying small ‘partial-shares’.

It’s also really focused on educating its users, with plenty of written articles and videos right there in the app. There’s even a Stash podcast, weekly market updates, and weekly quizzes to test yourself and help you retain the knowledge.

Game On

Besides watching your investments grow, there’s another really fun subtext of Stash, as it’s set up like a game, in that you’re awarded points from your “Investment Coach” for completing quizzes, hitting milestones, and more. The points don’t score you anything in particular, but it’s a very low-pressure, fun strategy to keep you informed and involved in your financial future.


Alright, but am IĀ actually going to profit if I don’t have hundreds to invest? I invested a mere $15 for one week. First, I put $10 into Corporate Cannabis (a fund comprised of a handful of big cannabis producers in North America) for the aggressive bit, then $5 into Match the Market (a fund comprised of S&P 500 companies) for a more moderate foundation. After just 6 days of letting that sit, I’ve got a sizable $1.89 return – which is a 12.5% ROI!!

That’s not enough to retire on, but neither is $15 enough to break anyone’s bank for a month! And that’s just for a week – so even if that rate plateaus, and I invest nothing more than the returns for a month, I could potentially earn over a $5/month return on just a $15 investment.

Free Money

Go ahead and try Stash today with this link and you’ll get a $5 bonus after your first $5 investment to kick things off! And might I suggest the Corporate Cannabis fund šŸ˜‰ (queue Borat voice and corny pun) High five! āœ‹