Grand Canyon North Rim | Background to IanDoingThanks

If you haven’t seen the IanDoingThanks post check it out to get a little perspective. Or don’t. You do you.


“…I’ve been waiting because I’ve been trying to put together a little something to relay my feelings from afar a little better than just a shout out, text, or phone call. So I put together a little video.

It’s not cinematic genius, nor is it even decently thought out. My apologies – scripting, video and sound production, and editing just isn’t my forte.”

All that being said – I put some inspired thought into the project and the emotion and message is real. I knew I wanted to shoot it someplace beautiful to kind of share that environment with you. I wanted it to be more than just a single-perspective, way-too-close smartphone video that I puked onto my Facebook feed for a few folks to Like then forget about as it gets buried in the rest of the FB BS.

So I attempted an improvised multi-perspective shot with my MacBook and iPhone, trying to keep the audio from the MacBook shot during edit. The result is still pretty crude thanks to my lack of video editing software and skill.

But anyway, how about that sick locale, eh?? We got to chill right on the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for 3 days of hammocking, mountain biking, hiking, and just taking it all in before heading to Yosemite. Here ya go, enjoy some of that beauty, will ya?