2018 Brewers Cup Preliminary

I had a total blasty working the Brewers Cup Preliminary event at Buckman Coffee Factory last weekend (September 9-10).

Working at the Brewers Cup Preliminary event in Portland, OR.

Watching everyone put so much work into their presentation and recipe was fun, sometimes comical, and definitely exciting. There were lots of baristas and home brewers who came to Portland for the weekend from all over Washington, Oregon, and California.

I most frequently posted up at the front desk, throwing gang signs and dishing out the highest of fives. Everything was pretty high energy and yet, the La Marzocco and Modbar Lounge was a cozy corner to chill in between presentations and while the judges debated over the scores and standings.

This was the first event of its kind – a preliminary event for the Qualifying round of Brewers Cup with the purpose of making the event more accessible. It can be super difficult for folks who maybe don’t have the backing of a cafe or roaster to help provide funds for travel, coffee to practice with, or coaching and advice.

Everyone who competed can still shoot for a spot at the Qualifiers, but only those top 4 winners of the Prelim are guaranteed a spot, as well as travel costs covered by Pacific Foods.

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