Salutations, cutie pie, welcome to my humble Interweb abode. Take a stroll around, make yourself comfortable and I’ll be with ya shortly.

Need some direction? The blog is usually a swell place to settle in.


My sister frequently wonders aloud if all I do is travel and eat. Come on ?

I also hammock and hike.

One of the things I do a lot since founding a couple rad design and web development companies 10 years ago, is focus primarily on web and marketing projects while managing the businesses. In this role, you’ll likely find me barefoot, my music loud, and espresso in my cup. But there’s more.

I’m passionate about what I do, but I work to live. And lately, I’ve been doing even more things than usual. Subsequently, lots of it gets forgotten and rarely shared with loved ones afar so I think I’m going to use this little nook of the web to share things. Because there’s just not enough content out there, right? Right??

As I do more and more things, I forgot more and more of it….but I also grow and evolve, like most people, and here I plan to force myself to write a bit about things I care about, promote rad shit, brain dump for nobody’s gain, and try not to take myself too seriously. Enjoy.

Be well. Do good work. And keep in touch.

Keep exploring, friends.

Stay weird, stay wild.

Compelling closing statement.

PostScript: If you need a heavier dose of travelcoffeepeople, happiness, positivitynature, adventurebusinessdesignbaked goods, technology, gear, cars, cycling, skiing, hiking, climbing, or other rad shit, follow me on the ‘gram or Snapchat and give me a shout, ask for a Podcast rec’, or just send good vibes.


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Cincinnati, OH

What’ve been your favorite places!?” I’m going to answer this, most frequently asked question, over a series of posts of my favorite places in North America that I’ve visited so far, and hopefully keep adding to it as I go. So stay tuned, my pretties. Next up, Cincinnati, OH (aka: The Queen City) Here it …


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